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Could the #Browns draft Laremy Tunsil and trade Joe Thomas?

Laremy Tunsil should be the first player taken in the 2016 NFL Draft
Could the Browns draft Laremy Tunsil with the second pick in the NFL Draft?

The Cleveland Browns are sitting pretty at number 2, they can have the best player in the draft or trade it away. The Browns have several major needs, but there is now a report from Tony Pauline that if the Cleveland Browns do stay put, many believe they will draft Ole Miss offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil, then turn around and trade Joe Thomas.

I personally do not understand the concept of this deal, but here is what Pauline said:

Additional reports say the Cleveland Browns are shopping the second pick of the draft. In conversations last week, several general managers say they don’t believe a trade will occur until the Rams have decided on which quarterback they are selecting with the first pick. And what if the Browns cannot move the pick? Many of those general managers believe Cleveland will draft Laremy Tunsil then trade Joe Thomas.

I honestly do not understand why you would draft a player at a position you are set at, just to trade that player.  The Browns are not hurting for cap space, and they have a Pro Bowl left tackle. This concept makes zero sense to me, but look at what the Browns have done lately….Nothing makes sense.


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