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Two high school football players target a referee; Could face criminal charges (VIDEO)

Two San Antonio high school football players have been suspended and could face criminal charges after one hit a referee from behind and the other subsequently speared him with his helmet during a game Friday night.

At the snap of the ball the first John Jay player,Victor Rojas, runs into the back of referee Robert Watts as he watched the play unfold. A second player, Michael Moreno, appeared to target the official while he was on the ground.

Video shows the referee, who was watching the play from behind the defensive line, getting leveled from behind by a first player, causing the referee’s head to snap back. The other player then is seen lowering his helmet and piling into the referee after he had fallen down.

Before the referee was hit, two Jay players, including standout quarterback Moses Reynolds, had been ejected on separate plays. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, KSAT 12 did receive reports that Watts may have said something to John Jay players that led to the incident.

Both players were immediately ejected from the game and later suspended from the team and from school, pending an investigation by the Northside Independent School District.


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