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Nick Saban is talking NFL again; Could he be Andrew Luck’s coach soon?

Colts almost hired Nick Saban back in 1998
Colts almost hired Nick Saban back in 1998, could they be interested again?

Nick Saban really wanted Drew Brees as his quarterback when he was the Head Coach for the Miami Dolphins, but he had to settle for Duante Culpepper.

As Saban looks back on that, he wonders if he and Brees would still be together in Miami if the Dolphins’ doctors had cleared Brees’s shoulder.

“If we’d had Drew Brees, I might still be in Miami,” Saban said.

While that sounds strange, there has been talks that Saban could make a return to the NFL soon. With that being said, the Colts General Manager and Chuck Pagano are bumping heads in Indy.  Could you imagine Nick Saban with Andrew Luck?

I do not know if this could happen, but it sounds like the wheels starting rolling a little….


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