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Julius Peppers is the only Green Bay Packer on their roster to play for another team

julius peppers packers statJust how important is it to find talent in the NFL?  The Green Bay Packers are the best at it, and this statistic we are about to show is mind blowing. 

Michael Rodney    @PackerUpdate
Of the 60 Packers currently under contract, only Julius Peppers has ever played a game for another team. Think about that for a minute.

When you consider the Packers should have beaten the Seahawks in the playoffs, this is pretty interesting.  The Packers are much like the 4 time FCS Champions North Dakota State.  They are home bread and they are not afraid to put players in places that they feel can succeed.  To think that only Julius Peppers is the only player that played for another team is outrageous, especially considering they have 60 players on their roster as of today.  While they will look to add more, it is a huge KUDOS to their scouting staff. 


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