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Will all the Brandon Graham trade talk now backfire for the Eagles?

grahamBefore the season started Brandon Graham the former Michigan stand out was called out by tons of media sites saying they were going to trade him, but could that now come back to bite them?

The team recently reached out to Graham’s agent to open negotiations, but it might not matter anyway.

“It feels good, because at the end of the day I wasn’t supposed to be here,” Graham said this week. “I’m just happy I changed the opinion of a lot of people. I just kept focusing on what I needed to do and that’s work hard and let everything fall into place.”

Graham has the opportunity to increase his stock on Saturday, when he starts against the Redskins for the injured Trent Cole, who had surgery on his broken left hand.It will be interesting to see how the Eagles act now, but it sounds like Graham is ready to test the free agency market.

“A 4-3 end – pass rushing is what you do,” Graham said. “You stop the run, go get the quarterback. Now [as a 3-4 outside linebacker], you stop the run, stop some passes, and go get the quarterback. You just never know when your name’s going to get called to go get the quarterback.

“But I think a 4-3 end, it’s better because you’re always going that way. You’re never backing up.”


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