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Colts need Ray Rice more than any team in the NFL

riceThe Indianapolis Colts need a running back, and while this whole running back by committee approach is working now, it might not work enough to get them to the Super Bowl. 

The Colts are the team that could use Ray Rice more than anybody.  They have to admit first that they made a mistake with Trent Richardson. It is ok to just let him go.  He was a bad trade, but if you want to win it all and really dominate the NFL, you need a running game. 

Andrew Luck has been amazing this season, but he cannot keep doing it with no ground game.  Teams will eventually make them try to beat them running and they cannot do it.  If the Colts land Ray Rice, they will add a person that wants to play football again and that has first round capability. He is available, he would be cheap because no team wants the bad publicity, and he is way better than Richardson.

While Boom Herron has done good, what happens if he gets hurt?  The team better jump on Ray Rice.  They can sign him for the veteran minimum, and worry about the bad publicity. If you are winning people do not care.  Jim Irsay was arrested early this year, and you do not hear anything about him anymore.  Listen bad news comes and goes.  While you might be the joke right now, in a week someone else will be the joke. That is life, but if you want to win now, it will not happen with Trent Richardson.



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