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Tom Brady can chug some beer according to his former teammate

bradyFormer NFL lineman Ross Tucker who was with the New England Patriots during the 2005 season and 2006 preseason — now pens a column for the website Sports On Earth. He wrote a story posted Tuesday morning recalling his time with the Patriots as Brady’s center, and his Beer Drinking skills.
“The first was when some of the veteran offensive linemen started talking to the rookies about a chugging contest,” Tucker recalled. “No big deal for these guys and given that they were fresh out of college, you would think they’d be at the top of their game. I was surprised to see Brady take part. The rookies looked at the seemingly pretty boy quarterback and laughed. I think I snickered myself. “We all should’ve known better. “I still have never seen anybody chug a beer faster than Tom Brady. You should’ve seen the way he slammed down his cup — it was like he was spiking the ball after a TD. It was hilarious. It was awesome. It was textbook Brady.”


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