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Former Raiders quarterback says the Raiders team should give their checks back

rich gannonOakland Raiders are off to a 0-4 start, and they are hard to watch.  The team has not had too many positives this year, but one former player has had enough of his former team. He called everyone out this week. That person is former starting quarterback Rich Gannon.

“People out in Oakland, in that building, players, coaches, front office, people in business, accounting — stealing,” Gannon said. “They ought to give the check back. … When you lose like that, how can you go to the bank and cash the check? Should be embarrassed. … They’re stealing. That’s a problem.”

Gannon said the problem has been building for the Raiders, who haven’t had a winning record since 2002. Gannon last played for the Raiders in 2004.

“They have a sign in front of their building that says, ‘Commitment to Excellence.’ They ought to take it down. It’s false advertising; [it should say] ‘Commitment to Mediocrity,'” Gannon said. “It’s a culture and environment that has existed for years. … You let things slide, don’t pay attention to detail … and don’t have a high degree of professionalism and account in that building, that’s a problem.”

This is not a good look for the Oakland Raiders, they need to fix their problems fast in Oakland. Marcel Reese fired back at Gannon by saying this:

“It’s funny because I was on Rich’s show yesterday morning and none of this stuff was said when I was on air with him and few hours later people are bringing me transcripts of this rant that he went on. I take these types of things personally,” Reece told the radio station. “He’s talking about the leadership on the team and the vets on the team and I am a leader on this team.

“My question to Rich is, when is the last time Rich actually came to watch us practice and watch the work that we put in? And for Rich to be a guy who people love, Raider fans love him, the organization has showed him a ton of love and he’s talking about the organization that gave him a chance and let him do his thing here and now he’s just bashing us. I’m in the business of fixing problems and not causing them. I invite Rich to a practice come see how myself and my guys work every day, day in and day out and the excellence that we do demand of each other. That’s what I ask him.”


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