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Why the Cleveland Browns should be undefeated…

brownsA lot can be made of the Cleveland Browns off-season. I’ve seen grades as high as A++ for the Browns draft day moves. The Browns started the day with the 4th and 26th draft pick in the first round. Before we knew which way was up the Browns had traded the 4th pick to Buffalo for the 9th pick in the draft and picked up a 2015 1st & 4th rd pick. Now moving back only a couple spots while acquiring another pick in the following years 1st round is a great move, here is a look at a few different scenarios that the Browns could have played out.

  • Stayed put- stay at 4 and grab Sammy Watkins who at bare minimum would have played opposite of Josh Gordon to form an awesome tandem at WR and drafted Deone Bucannon or Jimmie Ward to make up for the Loss of TJ Ward.
  • Trade 4th to Buffalo for the 9th, to pick up next years 1st and 4th and still draft Justin Gilbert….STAY at 26 & draft Kelvin Benjamin who could help significantly in the red zone. The Browns have lost two of their 5 games by 5 points, instead of a 1st rounder sitting on the bench maybe Sammy Watkins or Kelvin Benjamin could have helped over come those 5 points and the Browns could be undefeated. Some strong moves were made for the future…but you can’t help but wonder what could be the present with the current roster at the helm.


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