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Can the Dolphins help Joe Philbin beat his old team?

philbinTomorrow will be the first time Joe Philbin will face his former team.  The Miami Dolphins have been horrible this year, they are like a bad roller coaster. At one point they will be playing well, then they will go into shock and forget everything. This week the Dolphins have no choice but to show up.  The Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin has not been the best coach over the past several years leading the Phins to a 17-19 record.  This game is huge for Philbin and the Phins who are one game out of first place. Philbin was asked this week if he is ready to face his old team and this is what he had to say.

“The game’s going to get decided by the players. What’s amazing to me, when we started preparing for this game, I looked at the roster and I think there’s at least half the guys that are brand new or I have no experience with any of those guys. That’s the way the NFL is. People move on. Things are different. They’ve got a great coaching staff up there and things evolve over time. That was three years ago. I know they have a lot of things they do that are different than what they did three years ago,” Philbin said during a conference call with Packers media on Wednesday.

Philbin was an assistant coach for the Packers through nine seasons, the last six on Mike McCarthy’s staff and the final five of those as the Packers’ offensive coordinator. He left to become the head coach of the Miami Dolphins following the 2011 season, and now he faces his old team and his former head coach for the first time this Sunday in Miami. We will know on Sunday if his team really loves him, if they show up and fight the Packers then Philbin might be righting the ship in Miami, if he doesn’t, watch out because he could be on the way out of town.


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