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GET TO KNOW – Free Agent Edition: Robert Hayes, DE, Shepherd University

HayesNFL Draft Diamonds has teamed up with Joseph Muia a very solid up and coming scout, to put together a series for our readers called Get to Know – Free Agent Edition. What this series will do is allow you to be a featured on our site, if you are still trying to make it to the NFL or any professional league.  This is a series to help get players at any school gain exposure.  We always strive to assist players that have the passion to make it to the next level.  So we hope you enjoy our series called GET TO KNOW – Free Agent Edition. Today’s Get to know series will focus on Robert Hayes, DE, Shepherd, and we feel at NFL Draft Diamonds, you will want to know all about him.

Grade You Started Football: 7th grade

High School: Parkview High school (sterling)

Position/Positions: DE

College: Shepherd University

Position/Positions: DE/ stand up- DE

Jersey Number: 99

Best On-Field Performance: Playoff win against Winston Salem State

Football Mentor/Inspiration: Dwight Freeney

Proudest Football Moment/Memory: Achieving my first ring freshman year at shepherd and being able to make school history the first year attending.

What Do You Miss Most About Football: The screaming fans attending the game

Favorite Football Team: Colts

Player You Model Your Game After: SUH!!

Favorite Down Time: Relaxing with friends/ dog

Were You Happy About Your Pro Day: Yes I was very pleased. Many teams game to observe our abilities.

Moving To Defensive Of End Your Senior Year You Had 11 Sacks in Which It Showed You Can Play Linebacker and Defensive Of End, What Was Your Thoughts Of How You Played Senior Year: I thought I played well and contributed a big chunk to our teams success. Moving outside made room for all of our senior standout d-lineman to be on the field at one time, making it extremely difficult for opposing teams, but at the same time allowed us to enjoy the game and just have fun. Switching to DE was most likely the smartest thing I did on the football field to take advantage of my athleticism.

Describe Your Daily Workouts:  5-6 days a week with power and movement training alternating. 4 two-a-days a week first workout starts at 10:30am while the afternoon session starts around 3:30pm. Must stay ready for any team that may call during the pre season

What Would You Like NFL Scouts To Know About You:  That they will not make a mistake taking a chance with me. I’m a hard worker, humble, and intelligent enough to pick up a scheme or concept “on the fly”, as well as being very versatile in where I am able to play on the football field. I love the game with a burning passion and have a lot more to offer at the next level.

Make sure you follow Joey on Twitter @Joey435686 and if you want to be considered for our Get To Know series, contact us and lets get you a little more exposure. 


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