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42 total college and professional athletes were arrested in the month of June

What is it with college and professional athletes?  I am on a rant today because of Josh Gordon getting arrested earlier today and wanted to know how many athletes have been arrested last month.  I was surprised when I found, and read their report.  This is ridiculous, and it seems that July is already under way with Josh Gordon and the two players from North Texas, WOW. 

1. College Football – 21 arrests/citations/charges (Eric Mathies, Isaiah Golden, Darian Claiborne, Nico Law, James Quick, Jason Hatcher,Stephen FellJalen Mills, Bryan Green, Johnny Robinson, Donte Williams, Boaz Joseph, Jariah TolbertDean Tsopanides, Will Mahone,Kevonte Martin-Manley, Ivan McLennan, Steven Parker, Kentrellis Showers, Senquez Golson, Jonathon Mincy)
2. Former – 9 arrests/citations/charges (Gennaro DiNapoli, Chris Washburn, Alvin Robertson, Karrington Armstrong, Janzen Jackson, Jim Lambright, Recardo Wimbush, Aaron Beasley, Kevin Kolb)
3. Pro Football – 4 arrests/citations/charges (Marcell Dareus, Sean Smith, Cornelius Washington, Sam Montgomery)
T4. College Basketball – 2 arrests/citations/charges (Chad Frazier, Matt Thomas)
T4. Pro Basketball – 2 arrests/citations/charges (James Johnson, Ronnie Brewer)
T5. Coach – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Eric Mathies)
T5. College Baseball – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Chris Oliver)
T5. College Lacrosse – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Ben Chisolm)
T5. College Soccer – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Ryan Cain)
T5. Soccer – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Hope Solo)


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