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Do not be surprised if Aaron Hernandez walks out of court a free man

I have said it once before and I will say it again, Aaron Hernandez will NOT be charged with murder.  Murder is a very hard crime to convict a person of; Especially  if no witnesses are willing to step forward to say who pulled the trigger, or the police have no evidence.  The police in Connecticut have their hands full, because it seems that Aaron Hernandez and his posse’ so to speak are more organized than they think.

The associate that claimed Hernandez shot him in Florida in the face, was going to take the stand against Hernandez as a character witness, but now has no credibility.  Alexander Bradley, a one-time close associate of former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez, was shot in the leg outside a Hartford nightclub Sunday night — and then grabbed a gun and fired 11 shots into the exterior of the building in retaliation, Hartford police said.  Bradley, 31, allegedly got back into his car and drove a short distance away from the nightclub where he was stopped by police. At that point, the wounded Bradley “spills out of the vehicle” and was arrested, said Hartford Police Lieutenant Brian Foley. This is not going to look well, especially when his credibility is now ruined.  He looks like a bad guy that shoots up clubs.  This will not go well for the investigators.

It seems like all the other co-defendants and character witnesses are also turning up dead.  Both Tabitha Perry and Thaddeus Singleton III both died.  Singleton III died in a car accident in which Perry was also in the car.  Perry died unexpectedly in her house a few weeks later.

Perry was friends with people associated with Hernandez, the former New England Patriots tight end who has been charged with first-degree murder in Lloyd’€™s death.

Robert J. Valentine, 49, was driving north when he slammed into a curb on the right side of a roadway, police told NBC Connecticut. He was launched from the moped and landed in a private driveway, where he struck another curb, according to police. Valentine was the brother of Terri Hernandez, Aaron’s mother, according to NBC Connecticut.

It honestly sounds like if you know anything about the case or Aaron Hernandez himself you will come up missing.  This might be a real life Mob situation, but Aaron Hernandez is looking more and more like he will walk free.

It is crazy but as of right now there were only 3 people supposedly at the scene of the Odin Lloyd murder.  They were Carlos Ortiz, Ernest Wallace and Aaron himself.  Well we already know that Aaron is not going to take the stand.  So that leaves both Ortiz and Wallace to put Hernandez at the scene and one of them have to admit that Hernandez pulled the trigger.

Carlos Ortiz, 27, who is charged with accessory to murder after the fact in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd, will no longer be called as a witness in Hernandez’s murder trial at all because he is not viewed as a valuable witness. 

He was arrested last summer in connection to the murder and told police that Hernandez and another man, Ernest Wallace, 44, were outside their vehicle at the North Attleborough Industrial Park when Lloyd was shot five times.

Ortiz said he was asleep in the vehicle when he was awoken by the sound of gunshots, after which Hernandez and Wallace returned to the car.

He also told police that he saw Hernandez carrying a handgun and mentioned a ‘flophouse’ in Franklin which ‘other football players used,’ where police recovered evidence including clothing and ammunition, according to the Taunton Gazette.

However, Ortiz has now changed his story to say that Hernandez was alone with Lloyd outside the vehicle.

Prosecutors also requested copies of Aaron Hernandez’s phone calls from Bristol County Jail and records of visitors on Friday, alleging that he has used ‘coded messages’ to discuss the Odin Lloyd murder from prison, authorities claim.

It sounds like the police are trying to do everything in their right mind to convict Hernandez, but he continues to beat the odds.  It will be extremely hard to prove that Hernandez pulled the trigger.  I have been a law enforcement officer for 10 years and unless the FEDS pick up the case, I say he will beat the Odin Lloyd murder with ease.

Damond Talbot

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