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Imagine how far the Eagles would have made it if they had Jeremy Maclin as well?

The Philadelphia Eagles were impressive this year under Chip Kelly and his high powered offense.  Nick Foles had the best year at the quarterback position in a very long time in Philly, DeSean Jackson had over 1,300 yards and LeSean McCoy had 2,000 all purpose yards.  Now add in a number two receiver, that caught 69 passes in 2012 accounting for 857 yards and 7 touchdowns.

If the Eagles can somehow lock up Jeremy Maclin soon (he is a free agent), first off he will be cheaper, because he was injured all last year, and he can be a valuable threat in the Eagles passing attack, the Eagles could be hard to beat.

The Philadelphia Eagles relied heavily on Riley Cooper who had has best season ever in the NFL, after making a rude and remorseful comment.  If the Eagles could somehow get Cooper, Jackson and Maclin all on the field with Shady, Nick Foles adds a weapon.  I am not sure if the Eagles can lose, especially when you factor in rookie Zach Ertz’s performance.

The Eagles are heading in the right direction, and if Chip Kelly can continue to get the offense moving the way they have in the past, they could be extremely hard to stop.

What do you think their record would have been if they did have Jeremy Maclin healthy all year?  I bet they would still be in the playoffs.


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