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Cleveland Browns strike “GOLD” with Mike Pettine

As a die hard Buffalo Bills fan, I want to cry.  Not because we just lost the only hope of turning our franchise around, but we lost a very good coach.  Before last season the Buffalo Bills defense has been horrible.  Let me say that again, the Buffalo Bills defense has been horrible in the past.  When Mike Pettine came to town, things changed in Buffalo.  Our defense became feared, teams had to plan for our blitz packages, and we still sacked their QB.

The Buffalo Bills finished the season with 57 sacks as a team, ranked 2nd in the NFL in interceptions and sacks, and had a top 10 defense.  Did you know since Mike Pettine has been in the league he has had a top 10 defense every year?  How was this guy not a head coach already?  I will tell you why, because he was a faithful football coach to Rex Ryan.  When given his opportunity he jumped on it, and I am happy for him. I have to say it hurts me badly, to lose a coach with as many blitz schemes as Pettine.

I don’t know how the Bills will replace him, but I honestly wish I could have had an additional three years with him as my DC.  Great move Cleveland you deserve it.

Pettine is the eighth head coach to lead the Browns since they reentered the NFL for the 1999 season and the 18th coach in the overall history of the franchise.


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