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49ers Justin Smith says Russell Wilson runs around “Whirly-Birding”

San Francisco defensive tackle Justin Smith said Wilson’s speed is one thing that enables him to make plays. I don’t know about you, but Smith put me up on game when he finished his scouting report of Wilson.

“He’s running around backward, whirly-birding for 20 yards,” Smith said. “I guess he’s a little bit quicker than most D-linemen, and I’m one of them.”

Smith said Wilson’s versatility is what makes him difficult to stop, I guess that is Whirly- Birding?

“It’s all the different things he brings,’’ Smith said. “He’s not one-dimensional. He runs really well, but he also throws with great accuracy. He extends plays and moves the pocket. But he’s not trying to force anything and doesn’t make dumb plays. It’s an all-around challenge for us. He’s one of the big reasons they are where they are.”

It sounds like Wilson is earning a tons of praise from the Niner crowd. First, coach Harbaugh and now Justin Smith.


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