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Broncos Osweiler be ready in case Peyton gets hurt

Brock Osweiler better be ready this week. Peyton Manning had to sit today, which means the team is already being careful with their veteran quarterback. Today the media asked Brock if he was ready.

“My job as a backup quarterback is always to be prepared,” Osweiler said. “I have to know the game plan inside and out. That’s how I look at it every week. I’ll always be ready.”

He has completed just 2-of-3 passes for 10 yards this season. The question is, how much has he learned behind Peyton?

“There’s no situation in the NFL on any other team that I’d be able to learn the things I’ve learned in Denver. Between Peyton and the coaches who are here, the education I’m getting as far as playing the quarterback position, being a leader and a professional, there’s no better place to learn those things.”

Brock Osweiler better be ready if his number is called, because the Chiefs love to blitz. If they can blitz and get to Peyton’s injured leg, we might see Osweiler.

“A lot of times, you’re just not going to know when you’re going to play or when you’re going to practice,” Osweiler said. “I’m getting more practice time than last year. A couple of weeks when Peyton has been banged up, I’ve gotten more reps in practice.”


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