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The New York Giants signed one of the best fullbacks in the NFL but don’t use him?

I am so confused, while Tom Coughlin wanted to blame people for the loss (Eli Manning). He might want to look in the mirror after yesterday’s performance against the Eagles.

Coughlin and the New York Giants signed John Conner aka “The Terminator” a few weeks ago, but have still not found a way to get him on the field.  Yesterday the Giants started Bear Pascoe who was horrendous in run block.  Pascoe played on 31 of the 74 snaps and was a NEGATIVE .03 in run blocking.  I am sorry, if you want David Wilson or whomever you have at running back to get a positive you might want to have a fullback that can actually open a lane.

That is not a great performance, and let’s face it, the G-Men need a change somewhere.  I think if they can establish a running game, they can win.  Right now the Giants have had to abandon their run game, because of injuries, but let’s be honest, if your lead back is averaging a NEGATIVE, your running back is probably not going to get any better.  Just thought I would let you see that Tom, Good Luck.


P.S.  Here is some advice, start “THE TERMINATOR”


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