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Patriots Joe Vellano will have a huge challenge filling Vince Wilfork’s shoes

Tommy Kelly told the Boston Herald that teams are going to try to run the ball more with Big Vince Wilfork out, but said we will need rookie Joe Vellano to step up.

“I’m sure they’re going to try to run the ball more,” defensive tackle Tommy Kelly told the Boston Herald. “I mean, we’re lighter up front now. Take Vince out, I mean, I’d try to run the ball more. That’s being smart, but I think we’re more than capable of handling the run. If you’re any type of competitor, who wants someone to look at you, to me, to make me look like a little stepbrother?” Wilfork asked. “Without the big brother and you’re going to try me like that? I just told Joe (Vellano), ‘Don’t try to be like V. Be the best Joe Vellano you can be, and you’ll be fine.’ ”

That is a pretty big praise from Tommy Kelly. If they can somehow stop the run the Patriots will continue to win.


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