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Jason Garrett says Peyton Manning is playing at highest level ever

This week the Dallas Cowboys will play Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. In what many consider will be a blow out, Garrett talked highly about Peyton.

“He’s playing quarterback at maybe the highest level it’s ever been played,” Garrett said, via the Cowboys’ official website. “He’s been doing it for 15 years. He’s a fantastic player. His understanding of the game is second to none. His command is second to none. His ability to positively impact the people around him is second to none. Physically, he’s awfully good.

“He throws it where he wants to over and over and over again,” Garrett continued. “He throws it on time. He’s accurate. He has the ability to make a ton of big plays and very few bad plays. He’s playing at as high of a level as the game has ever been played.”

I honestly don’t know if any team will compete with the Broncos. Yesterday, I said I think they will go undefeated. What do you think?


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