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Fans go to Matt Schaub’s house and take pictures of his family

As a federal law-enforcement officer one of the worst things in the world is to see your family harassed or insulted. Matt Schaub of the Houston Texans is playing pretty bad football. But over the last couple weeks so He has been harassed, ridiculed, and attacked by the Houston Texans fan base.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle Matt Schaub had visitors last night at his house they brutally knocked on his door until his family open the door. They harassed Schaub took pictures of his family and posted them to their Facebook accounts.

Well they can’t be the smartest children because if they put on their Facebook account. It is obviously linked to the person who did it, which means that the police should be able to find the person and hopefully arrest will be made.

Texans fans need to get over the fact that they’re just not an elite team anymore. Yes, they have star players, and yes they have a good base but teams understand them and are beating them. Injuries are hurting them and now Owen Daniels is hurt, It is not getting any better for the for the Texans.

After the man burned jersey received publicity it has gotten worse for Schaub. The next time someone comes to you house Matt, defend your property, and family. Answer questions later.

Matt Schaub threw another pick six this week and now has four straight games which is an NFL record. If he can get back on track the Texas team can be dangerous but I just don’t see that happening.


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