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Doug Whaley tells media that “No Player is Safe” when it comes to trades

Doug Whaley is the new GM, but during his response to media, he has some fans worried.

This year Jairus Byrd has been a big baby, complaining first because of his paycheck and after reporting he all the sudden has a foot injury.

This foot injury is basically “Turf Toe” which ended Deion Sanders career. So while he might feel he is hurting the Bills by holding out he is actually hurting his pay day. Byrd is 26 and has been held out of four games because of an injury that Mario Williams has on both feet. Oh and by the way, Williams has 9.5 sacks in 4 games.

Well Doug Whaley said yesterday that they were not planning on trading Byrd, but what he said after had fans going wild.

“It goes back to what we want to be as a team,” Bills GM Doug Whaley. “Let’s be aggressive, innovative, unafraid. Let’s not play it safe. Have no qualms about playing someone who has the best chance of making the play. We’d rather have a guy who can make a play over a guy who you know will do what is asked and will play it safe but is less likely to make a play. We have not discussed trading him. And it isn’t anything we are pursuing. We would listen to any call on any player, but we’re looking forward to getting him back on the field.”

Whaley is basically saying No Player is Safe in Buffalo, what do you think?


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