Could you imagine Megatron, Golden Tate and Mike Evans on the same team?

I honestly feel the Detroit Lions have the opportunity to have one of the scariest passing attacks in the entire NFL if they can somehow land Mike Evans.  The Chicago Bears have Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall but they lack a third wide out.  The Lions have went out this year to get as many weapons they can for Matthew Stafford.

The Detroit Lions are a team that will be in the playoffs this year, especially if their new coach can fix Matthew Stafford.  Stafford is a very solid quarterback but needs to utilize his weapons.  Over the past several years he has been limited.  If the team can place three big targets as well as his tight ends and Reggie Bush the Lions could be a scary team.  They are not that far away from being a true contender in the NFC North.

The team has some decent players, but they need three solid wide outs, they cannot keep waiting, especially with how much they are paying Stafford. Here is a complete list of receivers on their roster.

Calvin Johnson: $13,058 million (cap value); 20.36 percent (offensive cap); 9.49 percent (total cap).

Golden Tate: $3.1 million (cap value); 4.83 percent (offensive cap); 2.25 percent (total cap).

Ryan Broyles: $1,003,227 (cap value); 1.56 percent (offensive cap); .73 percent (total cap).

Kris Durham: $645,000 (cap value); 1.01 percent (offensive cap); .47 percent (total cap).

Kevin Ogletree: $635,000 (cap value); .99 percent (offensive cap); .46 percent (total cap).

Jeremy Ross: $570,000 (cap value); .89 percent (offensive cap); .41 percent (total cap).

Naaman Roosevelt: $570,000 (cap value); .89 percent (offensive cap); .41 percent (total cap).

Patrick Edwards: $495,000 (cap value); .77 percent (offensive cap); .36 percent (total cap).

Cody Wilson: $420,000 (cap value); .65 percent (offensive cap); .31 percent (total cap).

Corey Fuller: $420,000 (cap value); .65 percent (offensive cap); .31 percent (total cap).

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