Dolphins fans, do you wish you saved your 60 million dollars for Mike Wallace?

I am sorry at the beginning of the free agency, I thought to myself I wonder who is going to pay for Mike Wallace. I had heard he wanted tons of money, and usually that doesn’t turn out well, but after a short wait Wallace found a home.  I am sure the Vikings fans are happy that he didn’t choose them, because he has been almost as bad as Alvin Harper when he left the Cowboys.  Mike Wallace was given 60 million dollars and the guy looks lost out on the field. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill does not have a good rhythm with Wallace. When Wallace was asked what happened by the Miami Sentenial here is what he said:

In the game, things happen,” Wallace said. “I don’t think it’s anything like we’re just not in sync. We do a pretty good job for the most part. Just like everybody else, the whole offense wasn’t really in sync [Monday] night.”

“We don’t have a year to wait,” Wallace said. “We have to do it right now. This is a big season for us. You never know, it could take one day or it could take a year. But hopefully it happens a lot sooner than later. We need it now.”

I think that is the biggest problem, I think the Dolphins were hoping to hit a homerun this year and while they are 3-1, their season could start to go into shambles.  I have a crazy feeling they lose the next couple games.

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