Could Colin Kaepernick rake in a deal that pays him around 18 million a year?

Colin Kaepernick is heading into the final year of his rookie deal, which will pay him $973,766, but that will need to increase quite a bit next year, according to Boston Globe’s Ben Volin.

Per sources close to the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin, Kaepernick is looking for a deal that is “similar or slightly better than” the extensions that were given to Dallas Cowboys star passer Tony Romo and Chicago Bears signal-caller Jay Cutler. Romo makes $18 million per year and Cutler makes $18.1 million, but the Cowboys QB makes a couple of million more in guaranteed money.

I am not sure if Kaepernick is a better player then either one of those guys but I guess you could say those are fair parameters of a deal.  Do you think Kaepernick deserves 18 million a season? Let us know on twitter @DraftDiamonds.

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