Bryan Tyms will be suspended for 4 games, but NFL should look into this

New England Patriots Wide Receiver, Brian Tyms was suspended by the NFL for a violating the league’s substance abuse policy regarding banned substances. The league report failed to mention the facts about the violation, which stems from a failed drug test where Mr. Tyms tested positive after taking an Adderall pill.

Having been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyper-active Disorder (ADHD), Mr. Tyms failed the test prior to obtaining a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) from league doctors, which would allow Mr. Tyms to take the prescribed medication without violating the league’s drug policy.

After failing the test, Mr. Tyms was subsequently approved for the TUE. Unfortunately, the league does not allow TUE’s to apply retroactively.

This was the quote when Tyms was suspended, which happened after he was cut by the Browns.

In a statement released through his agent, Mr. Tyms stated, “I am disappointed in the system, but I am more disappointed in myself. Although I need the medication and the league approved me to take it, I made a mistake and should have waited for the approval before taking the medication. I apologize to my family and friends who have supported me; and especially to my fans and the Cleveland Browns organization. I may no longer be a Brown, but I will pay the price for my mistake and be back in the NFL, better than ever… that’s a promise.”

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