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2023 NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Jacob Cowing, WR, Arizona

Jacob Cowing is a solid vertical threat for Arizona and one of the top pass catchers this season. Hula Bowl scout Joel Titus breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of Cowing as an NFL Prospect in his report.
Jacob Cowing is a solid vertical threat for Arizona and one of the top pass catchers this season. Hula Bowl scout Joel Titus breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of Cowing as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Jacob Cowing, #2
School (Code)AZUN
DOB, Class Yr2/4/2001, rJr
Height, Weight5086e, 166e
40 Yd Dash4.5e
Arms, HandsN/A, N/A
Honors/Captainship2021 1st Team All-Conference USA
2020 2nd Team All-Conference USA
Season Viewed (yr)2022
Games WatchedCASC, @WAUN, COUN
Scout Name / DateJoel Titus/11-4-22

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

202260 recs, 817 rec yds, 7 rec tds
202169 recs, 1354 rec yds, 7 rec tds, 4 rushes, 75 run yds, 1 run td
202041 recs, 691 rec yds, 3 rec tds
201931 recs, 550 rec yds, 3 rec tds

Player Summary:

Transferred to AZUN from TXEP in 2022. Marginal weight/height combo. Built for the F-WR position with a very slight frame. Shows good toughness specifically on the block. Also displays good competitive nature on the blocks. Willing to move downfield to make crucial blocks. Showcases good balance while implementing blocks as well as shows good contact balance after the catch. Possesses and shows sufficient speed. Ordinary AA. He displays average play strength. Good enough to throw some blocks but not enough to break every tackle. Shows average explosion off the line and into his routes. Shows sufficient instincts as he is capable of finding the soft spots in zone coverage but not on a consistent snap to snap basis. Finds the right blocks with those instincts when getting down the field. Pre catch, he is ordinary. He shows average initial quickness on release and on the block. He displays an ordinary release package and quickness. He shows average burst and does not consistently blow by a defense. He shows average route running ability. He has a varied route tree but does not always move on the routes crisply.  He shows below-average separation and struggles to create space with sheer physical ability and hand fighting. He displays subpar changes of direction coupled with the separation really makes it tough for him to break away on his routes. Tight hips and keeps him from breaking loose with sudden changes of direction. At the catch, he is sufficient. He displays great adjustment ability especially on deep and intermediate throws. He shows solid hands and does not have issues with drops. He displays a sufficient catch radius as he shows an ability to adjust to wayward targets. He shows ordinary ability at contesting the catch. He shows good effort on difficult targets playing with a wild gunslinging QB. Just average in jump ball situations. Would like to see him in more opportunities. He shows solid field awareness and he understands and utilizes his position on the field. He shows this on deep and intermediate sideline balls. After the catch, he shows some elusiveness but is mostly ordinary. He shows average RAC ability, as he shows inconsistent ability to burst, break tackles, and maintain contact balance. He shows sufficient playmaking ability at the WR3 depth. He can hit the hole on a short pass with some quickness but not on a snap-to-snap basis. He displays an ordinary but inconsistent elusiveness. This stems from his strength, he inconsistently breaks tackles with his strength ability. As a blocker, he is great. He is so tough and consistently shows good effort on the block. He is willing to take on any DB/LB the defense throws at him. His blocking effectiveness wanes from time to time, but he is good. He can get downfield and handle any DB. His blocking ability and toughness will keep him in favor on any roster. Overall, his blocking really sets him apart from an otherwise average F-WR.

Scheme Fit:

F-WR in a zone blocking scheme. Can be effective to a certain degree in the pass and run game. More useful in the run.

Power Statement:

A great run blocker at WR and average receiver. Vertical slot receiver that has to use his burst to win in the pass. Great asset in run blocking.

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