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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team NFL Draft Diamonds Writers and Content Providers
NFL Draft Diamonds could not do it without our team. These men and women have sacrificed a lot for Draft Diamonds to be where it is today, and we cannot thank them enough! #TeamDiamond

Damond Talbot (@DamondTalbot) – Damond Talbot is the owner of @DraftDiamonds, and his ongoing mission for the site to help small school players. Talbot created the site in 2013, and it has grown massively since. Talbot is a #Billsmafia member, and has written a book called Prevailed which everyone should check out on Amazon!

Jimmy Williams (@draftguyjimmy) – Williams has been writing for Draft Diamonds for a very long time, and specializes in College Football interviews and mock drafts, the latest of which you can check out exclusively on Jimmy is a die hard Washington Football Team fan!

Scott Phillips (@scott_nfl) – Scott has joined NFL Draft Diamonds to assist with FBS scouting. He has aspirations to become an NFL scout, and has a super impressive resume. We are excited to add him to our team! Scott is from Ohio, and one of the best up and coming scouts in the business.

Luis Ojeda (@lofootballscout) – Luis joined NFL Draft Diamonds to assist with the Pacific Northwest scouting. He has been a college football scout for over 15 years and has amazing relationships with the Pac-12, Mountain West, and Big Sky Conferences. Luis and his wife of 36 years, Angel, live in Southeastern Washington.

Craig Forrestal (@that_sports_guy) – Forrestal is a longtime Draft Diamonds writer who helps small school players via both interviews, and his “That Sports Guy’s Podcast ” on SRA Network. Forrestal also specializes in Fantasy Football, giving Draft Diamonds an exclusive Fantasy Football Rankings during the regular season.

Antoine Tshiyombo @draftday101Antoine is our west coast scout for Draft Diamonds who breaks down FBS prospects. He has been a great addition and is always breaking down film for our site.

Justin Berendzen @jrberendzen) – Berendzen is a long time writer for NFLDraftDiamonds, and does interviews with Damond Talbot with small school NFL draft prospects and free agents. Justin loves helping players and started on Draft Diamonds covering the XFL. He no longer has a favorite football team because the Rams left Saint Louis!

Steven Hamner (@QBspotlight) – Hamner is the account runner for QB Spotlight, and writes for Draft Diamonds by covering quarterback news and competitions amongst college football. His YouTube Channel is blowing up, you should go subscribe!

Jonathan Joyce (@jonathanjoyce17) Joyce is a writer for Draft Diamonds who specializes in mock drafts each and every year, all of which can also be found exclusively on

David Van Nett (@coach_vannett) – Van Nett is a writer who is a former Pro Football Scout, and has 17 years of coaching experience. Van Nett does draft breakdowns with Draft Diamonds.

Jesse Morse, MD (@DrJesseMorse) – Morse has been doing work with Draft Diamonds to help us understand and break down all of the injuries that happen around the NFL. Morse is a sports medicine specialist, and a medical correspondent. Morse is the Co-Owner of Check out their YouTube Channel.

Selene Parekh, MD (@seleneparekhmd) – Parekh works with Morse as the Co-Owner of Parekh is an orthopedic surgeon, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Check out their YouTube Channel.

Justin Aaron Kelm (@JustinAaronUH91) – Justin has been a longtime contributor for Draft Diamonds. Justin reports on College Football news, and smaller professional football leagues. Justin is a Steelers fan.

Hygens Succes (@Da_MegaZoe) – Succes is a writer for Draft Diamonds, and is additionally an NFLPA certified agent. Succes is the co-host of the Beyond the Negotiation Podcast with Sam Tiger.

Sam Tiger (@samtigermgmt) – Tiger is a writer for Draft Diamonds who works with Hygens Succes in the Beyond The Negotiation Podcast. Tiger is also an NFLPA certified agent.

Christopher Smith (@ChrisSmithUSN) – Christopher is the owner of The Unfiltered Sports Network, and also scouts quarterbacks for NFL Draft Diamonds. He has some amazing breakdowns and in depth coverage of college football’s best gunslingers.