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NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Ray Davis, RB, Kentucky

Ray Davis the star running back from Kentucky has NFL written over him!
  • Ray Davis
  • Running Back
  • Kentucky

Ray Davis excels at finishing runs aggressively, consistently falling forward with a low pad level and elusive wiggle to avoid big hits. Valuable in blocking on the outside, he contributes effectively to the running game. His strong passing game skills make him a natural hands catcher with quick turns in the screen game, showcasing expertise in setting up wheel routes.

Davis is adept in the slot, displays good hands for pulling in swing passes and advancing upfield. While possessing quick feet and straight-line speed, Davis lacks elite burst for constant big-play threats. Improving patience in running, he follows pulling guards and demonstrates sound decision-making on cuts. A natural playmaker, especially in the screen game, Davis’ hands are his strength, although he may not create elite separation due to less-than-ideal size and playing speed.


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