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Buffalo Bills need to replace Stefon Diggs with two rookies early in the NFL Draft

Buffalo Bills need to replace Stefon Diggs with two rookies early in the NFL Draft
Buffalo Bills need to replace Stefon Diggs with two rookies early in the NFL Draft

The Buffalo Bills have a huge need at wide receiver after trading Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans. Before Diggs was traded, the Bills were projected to pick a wide receiver in round 1, now I think they have to trade up to get a wide out.

I was looking at who is available, and I am not sure the Bills should spend money on a veteran wide receiver. The wide receivers that are available are not the best but have big names. At this point, the only free agent that I like is Hunter Renfrow, but the Bills have two players on their roster who I feel are similar. The Bills need a big playmaker, but who are we kidding there are none available.

The Bills could take a swing on Odell Beckham Jr, but he has not been the best wide out. Maybe it was the offense he was in, but he didn’t shine on the Ravens, but could he revive his career with the Bills? Many fans have mentioned him and another player is Michael Thomas. The former Saints wide out was once considered the best wide out in the NFL, but he quickly fell off. Both Thomas and Beckham Jr. have some moments of being divas too especially on the internet. I am not sure the Bills should do anything with a player like that on the internet after Diggs.

I think the Bills should turn to the draft and go hard. The Bills should try to trade their first next year along with one of their 1st this year and one of the 11 picks they have in this years draft to move up and get Brian Thomas Jr. I have a feeling the LSU star is the best player in the draft at the wide receiver position. If the Bills can keep their second round pick then they can land another wide out like Roman Wilson, Xavier Legette or Ricky Pearsall. If the Bills can land two of these players that would be a cheaper option to get a young core around Josh Allen.

Four of the Five Bills top wide outs left, Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis, Deonte Harty, and Trent Sherfield all left this year. Josh Allen will be throwing to a bunch of young guys. The Bills added Curtis Samuel, and Khalil Shakir was a stud last year. Adding a couple more guys that are young who want to be in Buffalo is the smartest thing to do at this point. If the Bills can hit on another player like Dalton Kincaid this year, they have a chance of once again winning the AFC East.


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