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How can the Panthers help Bryce Young in the NFL Draft?

Will Bryce Young Become the Panthers No.1 QB Choice in 2023?
How Can The Panthers Make The Most of Their Draft?

To bolster Bryce Young’s performance and provide him with the support needed to succeed, the Carolina Panthers must prioritize building around their young quarterback. With two early picks in the second round of the NFL Draft, the Panthers have a prime opportunity to address key areas that will enhance Young’s effectiveness on the field.

First and foremost, the Panthers should focus on acquiring playmakers, particularly at the wide receiver position. With a deep pool of talented receivers available in this draft class, the Panthers can add dynamic weapons to their offense to complement Young’s skill set. Xavier Worthy stands out as a potential target, as he has received praise from scouts and possesses the ability to stretch the field and make big plays.

While addressing offensive needs is crucial, the Panthers should also consider bolstering their defensive front to provide Young with additional support. By adding depth and talent to the defense, the Panthers can help alleviate pressure on Young and provide him with more opportunities to succeed.

Overall, the key for the Panthers in supporting Bryce Young is to prioritize building a well-rounded roster that complements his skill set and maximizes his potential. By surrounding Young with quality playmakers, protecting him with a strong offensive line, and strengthening the defense, the Panthers can set Young up for success and position themselves for future competitiveness in the NFL.


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