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Sam Howell Trade Rumors: What team will trade for the former UNC Tarheel?

Sam Howell: Where is He Dealt?
Washington Commanders quarterback Sam Howell (14) could be getting dealt to another team. Where will he end up getting traded too?

Through the 2023 season, Sam Howell nearly topped the league in passing yards, and for a stint during the season, it seemed undoubtedly like Howell may have solved the Commanders issues at quarterback – and for the future. However, as the year progressed, so did Howell’s decline, as his interception total nearly mirrored his touchdowns. Now the role of quarterback is open for auditions come April. 

When you look at how the cards are being dealt to Washington, it’s hard to imagine that they don’t use the 2nd overall pick in the draft on a quarterback –  especially since nearly all top quarterbacks would still be on the board. As history has it, Washington has not been the most effective at drafting quarterbacks in the first round though. In recent history, they’ve selected Robert Griffin III in 2012, who did show promise but ran into an injury-filled career that was ultimately cut short, and Dwayne Haskins in 2020. However, Washington would potentially have a shot at any quarterback they wanted, so there’s no way they could mess this up, right?

This still begs the question, what happens to Sam Howell? As previously mentioned, the Commanders hold the second overall pick. With a shot at Drake Maye, it would be hard to pass him up. Especially noting that Sam Howell is also a former North Carolina Tar Heel. Sitting Drake Maye behind Howell for a quick portion of time may not be a bad idea, and It may be exactly what happens.

One thing’s for certain however. When you watch Washington’s games, you may think the reason for the lack of success is not Sam Howell, but rather the protection he is receiving, – and you may be absolutely correct. This past season, Sam Howell was sacked over 60 times, the most in the league. If they select Drake Maye and throw him behind that same offensive line, he’s doomed to begin with. Therefore, in a class as deep as this one at tackle, if the Commanders don’t select a tackle at some point, then Maye might be in trouble.


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