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Dark Horse QB Landing Spots in the 2024 NFL Draft

Dark Horse QB Landing Spots in the 2024 NFL Draft
Dark Horse QB Landing Spots in the 2024 NFL Draft

As I looked into the draft order, it’s evident that several teams, including unexpected ones, are in dire need of quarterback talent within the top 20 picks. While franchises like the Bears, Commanders, and Patriots sit atop the order with obvious quarterback needs, there are others lurking beneath the surface that could surprise observers by selecting a signal-caller.

One such team to watch closely is the Los Angeles Rams. Known for their effective roster management, and unusual draft strategy, they might adopt the Green Bay Packers’ strategy of grooming a successor while the starter still thrives. Despite Matthew Stafford’s continued effectiveness, the Rams could opt to invest in a young quarterback to learn under his gameplay, ensuring a seamless transition when the time comes.

Meanwhile, the New York Jets present an intriguing case. With Aaron Rodgers advancing in age and the rest of the team comprising promising young talents, the Jets could seize the opportunity to secure their future at the quarterback position. However, a potential roadblock arises in the form of concerns about Rodgers’ willingness and capability to mentor his successor effectively.

While the prospect of drafting a quarterback to learn from seasoned veterans like Stafford or Rodgers holds promise, teams must carefully consider the dynamics at play, including the mentor’s willingness and ability to impart knowledge to the next generation. In a league where quarterback succession is paramount, making the right decision can shape a franchise’s trajectory for years to come.


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