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How Can The Panthers Make The Most of Their Draft?

Will Bryce Young Become the Panthers No.1 QB Choice in 2023?
How Can The Panthers Make The Most of Their Draft?

The Carolina Panthers are a mess of an organization right now. With not only the worst record in the league, they also have few chances to boost their roster. In 2023, The Panthers gave up a haul to move up to the first overall pick and select their face of the franchise in Bryce Young

Looking at it now, it’s hard to argue that their decision was the right one. Due to that haul, their now first overall pick doesn’t even belong to them. With little capital in the draft, and an unexciting free agent pool, where do the Panthers head in order to make the most out of their situation?

First, it all starts with a successful draft, and making the most out of what they have. Currently, they hold picks 33, 39, 65, 100, 141, 142, and 177. In my opinion, the 33rd and 39th picks are just as good as a first rounder, so they’ll have to nail these picks. Bryce Young wasn’t given any help last year so I think addressing that would be the main concern. In a class of wide receivers this deep, they can easily get their hands on a top wideout with the 33rd and/or the 39th pick. Names that come to mind would be Ladd McConkey, Troy Franklin,  or Keon Coleman just to name a few. Needless to say, there is definitely talent available at wide receiver. 

On the 39th or 65th, I would go shopping at the offensive line store. The tackle class is too deep to pass up on selecting one, and again, Bryce Young needs help.

With the remainder of the picks, I believe it should just be painted by number. Select a few quality defensive players with remaining picks, as well as take advantage of a deep class of wide receivers and tackles. If the Panthers nail this draft with what they have, then it’s a win in their book.


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