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Could JJ McCarthy be selected before Jayden Daniels?

Benjamin Solak of the Ringer was breaking down 10 Observations From the 2024 NFL Combine when he came across a very interesting take.

Is Michigan QB JJ McCarthy is a strong candidate to be drafted ahead of LSU QB Jayden Daniels?

He did say it was smoke screen season, but this take is interesting.

“It is smoke-screen season, and I very well may be getting hooked by it. But in Indianapolis, I heard significantly more interest and excitement for how high Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy might go relative to how high LSU QB Jayden Daniels might go. My sense is that Daniels is not locked into an early draft slot and that the league has turned its attention elsewhere.”

I know a lot of media members are not very friendly to McCarthy, but this would be super interesting. Many teams need a quarterback and I guess it will all determine who someone prefers over the other.


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