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Pittman’s Pocket: My look at HBCUs top pass rushers 2025

My look at HBCUs top pass rushers 2025
My look at HBCUs top pass rushers 2025

Here are Pittman’s Pocket we wanted to break down some of the top returning HBCU pass rushers for the 2025 season. There are some amazing defensive lineman in the HBCU this year, and we figured we would shine the light on a few of the guys who are turning heads.

Jacob Williams, OLB, Texas Southern – In 11 games, Williams registered 8 sacks for 51 yards. He is currently a senior for TSU.

Keyshawn Johnson, EDGE, Grambling State – In nine games the True Freshman racked up six total sacks, and is currently entering his Sophomore season.

Malachi Bailey, EDGE, Alcorn State University – In 11 games, Bailey tallied seven total sacks, and has become a stud defender. He is a Senior in 2025.

Terrell Allen, EDGE, Tennessee State University – In 11 games, Allen piled up 14.5 sacks, averaging over 1 sack a game.

Tahj Brown, EDGE, Southern University – In 11 games, Brown was very effective in both run and pass game. The Senior edge rusher is a very solid prospect.

Chelky Givens, DE, Southern University – In 11 games Givens racked up 7 sacks. Do not miss these Southern defenders come this 2025 season. He too is a senior.

Anthony Dunn Jr., EDGE, FAMU – In 13 games, Dunn Jr. finished with 8 sacks and was constantly in the backfield. Against D1 opponents Dunn terrorize USF as a Sophomore. Dunn Jr. is heading into his Junior season.

Elijah Williams, EDGE, Morgan State – In nine games, Williams put up seven sacks. My boy Combine Orr suggested Elijah Williams as the top HBCU player to come out of the 2025 NFL draft. We will see. He is purely legit NFL scouts. He is a super Agile and versatile prospect.


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