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Pittman’s Pocket: Will the UFL have a HBCU pro day?

UFL Rules have been announced | Pretty innovative rules and fast paced!
Will the UFL have a HBCU pro day?

It has been a very innovative concept the owners of the XFL used with great purpose.

Former XFL owners Dwayne Johnson and Danny Garcia recently hosted an HBCU pro day and showcased it on ESPN. This was a bright concept and allowed the HBCU players to garner another opportunity. The USFL drafted more HBCU players it’s first 2 seasons, than the NFL has done in the past 3 decades.

With that being said. Will the Newly reformed league would consider building together as the newly UFL is upon us. Because the NFL will do there best to keep leagues out there resources, even from the HBCU football community in which it’s lacking stability not presence.


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