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Dallas Finally Comes In First; Not the Cowboys but Dallas Turner!

Dallas Finally Comes In First; Not the Cowboys but Dallas Turner!
Dallas Finally Comes In First; Not the Cowboys but Dallas Turner!

The coveted position of being the initial defensive player selected in the draft is a highly sought-after accomplishment among defensive players. In recent draft history, the dominance of edge rushers is evident, with these players securing the premier defensive spot in four out of the last five drafts. Notably, the prevailing draft pattern places edge rushers as the frontrunners, featuring formidable contenders such as Trevon Walker and Will Anderson.

However, there is a burgeoning interest in the cornerback position as a compelling alternative. This shift is exemplified by the selections of players like Jaycee Horn, chosen by the Panthers in 2021, and Denzel Ward, securing the fourth overall pick by the Browns in 2018.

A comprehensive examination of the current draft class reveals a pronounced inclination towards favoring edge rushers. Eminent figures such as Florida State’s Jared Verse, Alabama’s Dallas Turner, and UCLA’s Laiatu Latu emerge as frontrunners, spearheading the argument for the supremacy of edge rushers. Simultaneously, prominent cornerbacks like Alabama’s Kool-Aid McKinstry and Terrion Arnold carve out a significant presence among the top picks.

The talent pool in the cornerback domain falls short compared to the abundance of edge rushers this year. Examining the preferences of top-picking teams like the Giants, Commanders, and Patriots, it becomes apparent that they have recently favored cornerbacks in early rounds, with selections like Banks, Forbes, and Gonzalez, and I suppose it’s time to look in other directions for help regarding these franchises.

In the landscape of the 2024 draft, the prevailing consensus seems to favor an edge rusher, and with good reason. Rarely do cornerbacks exhibit the transformative impact needed to warrant a top-10 pick and significantly alter the trajectory of a franchise—the question concerning which one, however, is where it gets more complicated. 

Based on the past, the teams atop the order, and the talent in the class, I would expect the first player off the board to be none other than Alabama edge rusher Dallas Turner. Alabama is no stranger to the NFL draft, and most GMs in the league aren’t hesitant when assessing and drafting players from Alabama.

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