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Biggest winners and Biggest losers after Day 1 of Free Agency

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Biggest winners and Biggest losers after Day 1 of Free AgencyTitans Bears 081

The Tampering Period in the NFL was firing on all cylinders yesterday. Players were getting paid left and right. Some teams made a splash while others lost a lot of players. Let’s take a look at a couple of the biggest winners and biggest losers in free agency.

Biggest Winners

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles came out the gate hot, they signed Bryce Huff to a three-year deal worth 51 million dollars. Huff is a big time pass rusher and will be an immediate impact player. Then the Eagles signed Saquon Barkley away from their competition by giving him a three-year deal worth 37.75 million dollar deal. The Eagles then put a cherry on top by signing former Saints linebacker Zach Baun to a one-year deal.

Bryce Young

The Carolina Panthers landed two massive offensive guards, and they paid a lot of money for them. If you want to get your football team on pace, you need to be able to take some pressure off of your young quarterback. Dave Canales said he wanted to be able to run the football, because it would open up the passing lanes, and the Panthers did just that. They signed Damien Lewis to a massive deal and Robert Hunt to a very massive deal. Both guys are very solid and combined have only given up 11 sacks.

Running Backs

Running Backs are getting paid, yes, you read that right. Do you remember when a running back could not get a solid contract? Well, the times have changed and running backs are getting signed again. Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs, D’Andre Swift, Tony Pollard, Devin Singletary, and even Zach Moss were all signed. Running backs market is hot, or the draft is not very hot.

Biggest Losers

Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins lost too many good players in free agency. The Dolphins already had some holes, and then they lost even more players. Losing Robert Hunt, Christian Wilkins, Brandon Jones, and Andrew Van Ginkel to just name a few. The Dolphins will pick up some compensatory picks from these losses, but man that will not help them now.

Justin Fields

Justin Fields trade value and opportunities are diminishing. I am not sure there is a spot for him to go right now and potentially start. The Broncos are open, but who knows if the Broncos have interest. I do not think the Bears thought this one out. If they were smart they would sell the first overall pick again and try to build around the young Buckeye. Why not, I mean you cannot lose him for nothing right?

Wide Receiver Market

Only two wide receivers have been signed in free agency, and the Jaguars paid both of them. Gabe Davis landed a 3-year deal worth 39 million and Devin Duvernay was signed by the Jags. Outside of those two being signed no one else has been signed. Calvin Ridley is still out there and there are others, but the market is not too hot.


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