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2024 NFL Mock Draft: Tristan Schaar 1.0 – Full First-Round Draft

The NFL Draft is Officially Less Than a Month Away!

With the new league year of the NFL already a few weeks in, free agency has started to slow down and draft talks have begun to commence. 

We all know that Caleb Williams is a sure lock for the #1 overall pick and is even rumored to have been given his own key card to the Chicago Bears facility to begin connecting with new teammates and coaches weeks before even being drafted. So we can cross his name off the big board.

With that being said, the real chaos of the draft starts with the second overall pick which is owned by the Washington Commanders. For the longest time, the Commanders were expected to take the University of North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye. However, recent news has come to light during the 2024 head coaches meeting that believes the team has pivoted its way into a new direction by favoring the recent National Championship QB J.J. McCarthy

I wouldn’t say that I’m a J.J. McCarthy hater, don’t get me wrong he is a winner on the football field which is a major green flag for any franchise that’s in need of a QB, but there’s no way McCarthy is a top-two prospect with how loaded this year’s class is. Yes, his Pro-Day at Michigan looked great but doesn’t it seem kind of familiar with Zach Wilson’s situation whose draft stock skyrocketed after an incredible Pro-Day just to be shopped out of New York and deemed a bust just a few seasons later? 

You can see my full first-round mock below of the 2024 NFL Draft which consists of four quarterbacks going in a row, seven receivers taken in the first round, a major trade between the Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals to help build towards their futures, and maybe some surprising selections from your favorite team(s).


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