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What position would Jesus have played in football?

What position would Jesus have played in football?
I am not sure what position Jesus would have played if he did in fact play football, but I am willing to be he would score many touchdowns!

Speculating on what position Jesus might have played in the NFL is purely hypothetical and speculative, as there is no historical or religious basis for such conjecture.

However, if we were to engage in a playful interpretation, some might imagine Jesus as a quarterback, given his leadership qualities, ability to inspire and guide others, and his role as a central figure in his teachings. I mean he was a true leader, in everything he did.

Others might envision him as a running back, metaphorically carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, breaking through barriers, and bringing salvation to those around him.

I think he would have been a clutch field goal kicker. I mean you know it is going in. I was bored and just sitting around trying to think what position Jesus would have played. I was getting ready to do my bible study for the week and figured I would just put together a little piece to have some fun.

Some think he would have been a great cornerback. I mean he covers the world. He is the best lockdown corner ever, he can take away the enemy’s attacks, and score willingly. I think cornerback would be a very solid position.

Ultimately, it’s important to recognize that any speculation about Jesus’s hypothetical involvement in modern-day sports is purely speculative and should be approached with reverence and respect for religious beliefs.

What position do you think he would have been amazing at?

Well, I guess I should get back to bible study…. Ephesians 6 today, putting on the whole armor of God! I mean who doesn’t think of football when putting on equipment, especially a helmet?


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