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Ex-NFL player suing former trainer for sexually assaulting him

Shareece Wright had a successful NFL career and is now out to share the truth about being sexually assaulted by his trainer in high school.

The woman who sexually assaulted them, according to the lawsuit, was Tiffany Strauss, the daughter of the team’s coach who was in her twenties.

The alleged sexual assault of Wright began when he was a sophomore in high school back in 2003. He and Trish Strauss a female trainer had sexual intercourse at least 15 times during dinners for the team captains that were hosted by the head coach, Harold Strauss. Harold Strauss died in 2019.

Wright and 12 others filed a civil lawsuit saying they were sexually assaulted when they were minors attending Colton High School in Southern California.

Wright told USA Today he was worried about coming forward.

“I was worried about what people would say, or how people would try to portray it,’’ Wright, 36 said. “The narrative that we were boys and it’s not that big of a deal or is not that serious bothers me, like, the most.’’

Wright said, he is “trying to change the narrative that when you’re a boy and you’re being molested by a female it’s not serious or it doesn’t affect your life or it’s not that bad.’’

I am sure this happens all the time in football but this is a wild situation.

Wright was a former third round pick and played in the NFL for several teams.

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