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2024 Senior Bowl: Stock Up, Stock Down (American)

2024 Senior Bowl: Stock Up, Stock Down (American)
2024 Senior Bowl: Stock Up, Stock Down (American)

The 2024 Senior Bowl has finished after a long week of practice and a surprisingly entertaining game. Who were the standouts on the American side? Which prospects held steady and have some work to do to impress the front offices across the league? Jim Nagy and the Senior Bowl group did a fantastic job, as they do every year!


Stock Up

Running Back

1. Emani Bailey | RB | TCU

Bailey had a good week of practice sessions before becoming a star in the actual game. He earned the start for the American team and displayed a lot of spatial talent in and out of the tackle box. The former TCU star also impacted the passing game throughout the affair, catching nearly everything. His stock has gone up in the eyes of front offices across the league as a key RBBC contributor, ala Tony Pollard. Keep an eye on him at the Combine.

Wide Receivers

2. Jamari Thrash | WR | Louisville

Thrash had an argument for the best overall receiver all week. He was dominant and had flawless releases off the line, beating opposing defensive backs and rarely losing a rep. The former Louisville product showed much of the speed and ball awareness from his Louisville/GA State days that earned him an invite.

3. Jha’Quan Jackson | WR | Tulane

Jackson also had a standout week of practice, showing why he’s so underrated in a heavily loaded receiver class. He has a lot of speed, great route-running ability to get open, and good footwork to throw off DBs. The former Green Wave product was consistent in every practice, which significantly counts. He earned a definite stock-up after his Mobile performance. He possibly elevated himself into the Day 2 conversation.

4. Ryan Flournoy | WR | SE Missouri State

The former SEMO stud receiver got the call-up to the big show after a great Hula Bowl week and proved he belonged. He effortlessly showed off his athleticism and deep speed. While he didn’t win every rep due to a combination of coverage and quarterback issues, he was still very good. A smooth route runner who has excellent footwork to throw off defenders. Flournoy has gotten on the radar with consecutive positive efforts on the all-star game circuit. He could be a Day 3 sleeper selection that works out, especially in the right situation.

Offensive Line

5. Christian Haynes | OG | UCONN

Haynes built a strong case for being the best overall interior offensive lineman during the week. He was locking down almost every defender on nearly every rep. Coming into the week, he was a sleeper prospect but no longer, as he left Mobile as the best guard available in the process. Once he gets his hands on the defender, it’s over. He has the tenacity, footwork, and above-average athleticism to become a top-level starter with some technical refinements.

6. Christian Jones | OT | Texas

Jones had a strong week overall and solidified his ranking as a top-five tackle prospect in Mobile. He had none of anyone’s power moves but had some issues with speed on a few reps. If not for someone else on this list, he would be in contention for top tackle in Mobile honors. The former Longhorns tackle has the potential to go high in the second round or even sneak into the first. Also, he’s a good defensive back in a pinch!

7. Charles Turner III | IOL | LSU

Much like former LSU lineman Lloyd Cushenberry, Mobile was a hospitable environment for CT3. He was solid at both center and guard for most of the week, rarely losing a rep. Turner displayed his good footwork, athleticism, and some power to finish off defenders. Going into the week, he was a candidate for a top-five center ranking, and he left even better. He’s also a dual-threat weapon as a receiver and defensive back! A much bigger Devin Hester he is.

Stock Neutral

Wide Receiver + Skill

1. Johnny Wilson | WR | Florida State

Wilson had much to prove this week and left Mobile, proving he’s capable of the regular while doing the spectacular stuff. He smoothly ran his routes, with no hiccups in his releases, fooling defenders regularly. The former Seminoles receiver also did not drop any catches, a common theme throughout his stay in college. It’s a positive sign for the future. He is every bit of his 6’6 height, and the catch radius is actual as he beat every defender in “my ball” situations. There was some talk of him moving to tight end during the week, but the profile just isn’t there. A possible Day 2 pick could be in the offing.

2. Ladd McConkey | WR | Georgia

McConkey did what he was supposed to and balled out against every defender he lined up against during the week. As expected, he was electric with the ball in his hands and was a great route runner. He did the play seen below on the regular. He holds steady as a Day 2 selection after that performance in Mobile.

3. Jaheim Bell | TE | Florida State

Bell had a lovely week, winning his battles consistently against all comers, size be damned. He profiles towards a versatile chess piece that can be used all over the offense instead of just a tight end. He’s athletic enough to merit some carries as a runner as well. Florida State used in various roles such as receiver, running back, and tight end.

Offensive Line

4. Tyler Guyton | OT | Oklahoma

Guyton came into the week with some hype as the third-best tackle in the draft and left Mobile on a similar trajectory. He had a great week and did not diminish his stock whatsoever. The former Oklahoma tackle was lockdown against nearly every defender and rarely lost a rep. He has the size and athleticism to stick at left tackle. First-round grade.

5. Javon Foster | OT | Missouri

Foster was another tackle prospect who maintained his stock as one of the better tackles in Mobile. While he wasn’t as flashy as the others, he just did his job and won most of his reps. He used all his physical tools, like the size and length, to keep defenders at bay. The former Mizzou tackle has the tools to stay at left tackle in the pros and did little to sway evaluators off that.

Stock Down

1. Xavier Legette | WR | South Carolina

By all accounts, Legette didn’t have a bad week, but he showed up in Mobile shorter than expected and was outshined by his teammates. He flashed a lot of his usual talents, however. It could be said that his stock is in neutral to heading downwards.

2. Layden Robinson | IOL | Texas A&M

Robinson was present during the week but needed a more significant week to get on the Day 2 radar. He had some flashes, but not enough to merit any real threat to being the best guard prospect. He needs a big Combine and Pro Day to move back up.

3. Jeremy Flax | OT | Kentucky

Flax was a Hula Bowl call-up who performed decently on the first day of practice before suffering an unfortunate broken hand. The hand injury caused him to miss the rest of the week, robbing him of an opportunity to boost his stock further. Hopefully, he’s healthy enough to perform at the Combine and the Pro Day.

4. Ainias Smith | WR | Texas A&M

Smith was solid throughout the week but was generally a man without a position, much like his collegiate career. It will be interesting to see how he tests at the Combine and A&M’s Pro Day to boost his stock. He’s a great talent as a dual-threat hybrid, much like a De’Von Achane before him. A team with a creative offensive mind could unlock his immense potential.


Stock Up


1. Marcus Harris | IDL | Auburn

Harris had an outstanding week to vault himself into the conversation for a very early Day 3 selection. He flashed various moves to win reps throughout the week, and his athleticism is above average for the position. His positional and scheme versatility will only help him going forward.

2. Braden Fiske | IDL | Florida State

Fiske was a machine throughout the week and carried the effort to the game, notching four tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss, and half a sack. He was named the American defensive lineman of the week by his peers. He most assuredly boosted his stock and could be the best interior lineman from the Senior Bowl process. The former Seminole star showed off his athleticism and motor in every drill.


3. Darius Robinson | EDGE | Missouri

Robinson had the best week out of the EDGE players in Mobile. He was dominant against every offensive lineman he faced in every practice. The former Mizzou pass rusher showed off his improving athleticism while maintaining the power traits of his game. He has all the physical characteristics like height, weight, and length to be a star at the next level. A monster week has him trending into the first-round range. He was named the Overall Practice Player of the Week.

4. Eric Watts | EDGE | UCONN

Watts was a call-up from the Hula Bowl, where he elevated his game to earn the promotion. While he wasn’t dominant in Mobile, he had a good week. Consistency was a big thing to highlight during his week. He didn’t back down or slouch to the higher level of competition at the Senior Bowl.

5. Justin Eboigbe | EDGE | Alabama

Eboigbe was a solid presence throughout the week after getting on the radar as the season went along. He had a great week of practice, showing off an arsenal of moves along with a great burst off the snap. The former Alabama standout’s stock has rocketed up the boards after the process. Star rusher Dallas Turner gets the publicity, but Eboigbe needs more. An early call on Day 3 should be awaiting him.


6. Trevin Wallace | LB | Kentucky

Wallace had a solid week of practice under his belt. He was capable of playing inside and outside linebacker in the one-on-one drills. He’s a good athlete who can play in space most of the time. The former Wildcat leaves the week in good standing regarding draft stock.

7. Jarvis Brownlee, Jr | CB | Louisville

If anyone needed a big week to offset some on-field concerns, it was Brownlee. He had a monstrous week and was in the argument for best cornerback not named Quinyon Mitchell. JBJ was locking down nearly every receiver he faced during the week. He has the physical traits, such as height and length, to keep up with anything thrown his way. No one boosted their stock more than he did in his position group. An excellent showing has him in the Day 2 conversation.

8. Carlton Johnson | CB | Fresno State

Johnson was a late addition to the Senior Bowl after getting the call-up from the Hula Bowl, where he shined. He carried over his performance to Mobile, where the competition against bigger names did not faze him. The former Fresno State cornerback was a standout performer and won nearly every rep during the week. He’s now locked in a draftable grade, possibly in the early to middle Day 3 range. Next Gen Stats had him over 22 MPH, making him the second fastest-ever Senior Bowl athlete they have tracked.

Stock Neutral

1. T’Vondre Sweat | IDL | Texas

Sweat is a behemoth of a human being, and proceeded to play like it during the week. He came in at every bit of 6’4 with an 81-inch wingspan. He was nigh unblockable most of the time. The former Longhorns star stood on business at every practice. His stock is holding steady into the first round at least. A monster week was had by him.

2. James Williams | S / LB | Miami

Williams came in at an impressive 230 pounds, which makes his move to linebacker all but official. He was listed at 215 and played safety. The athleticism was still there after the weight gain, which is a good omen. He had a solid week overall but was trying to figure out where to be with his new body and position at times. Former Miami teammate Kamren Kinchens had a good week as well.

3. Kris Abrams-Draine | CB | Missouri

The Yellowhammer State native of nearby Spanish Fort returned home and put on a show as expected. He won nearly all of his reps during the week. He has the size, speed, and lateral athleticism to be a CB1 at the next level. KAD locked in an early-round selection with the week he put up in every drill. It’s certainly possible that he will elevate into being a first-round selection.


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