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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Tatum Bethune, LB, Florida State

Tatum Bethune possesses a good initial quickness and solid change of direction in Florida State’s defense. Hula Bowl scout Brinson Bagley breaks him down as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Tatum Bethune, #15
School (Code)Florida State University (FLST)
DOB, Class Yr2/19/2001, rSr
Height, Weight5115, 230
40 Yd DashEst. 4.71
Arm, Hand3218, 1000
Position/Depth3-4/4-3 ILB  4-3 OLB   
Honors/CaptainshipHonorable Mention All-ACC
Phil Steele third-team All-ACC
Honorable Mention All AAC(Coaches)
Second Team All-AAC PFF
Second Team All-AAC Phil Steele
Honor Roll
AAC Defensive Player of the Week 2x (College Sports Madness
Season Viewed (yr)2022/2023
Games WatchedClemson @ Florida State 10/15/2022 Miami (FL) @ Florida State 11/11/2023Florida State @ Clemson 09/23/2023
Scout Name / DateBrinson Bagley, 11/25/2023

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

2023 (11 Games)Solo 29, Ast. 27 , PD 2           
2022Solo 43, Ast. 41, Sack 3, FR   1, PD 2           
2021Solo 60, Ast. 48, Sack 2, FF 1,  INT 2, PD 1           
2020Solo 28, Ast. 29, Sack  2.5,  INT 1, PD 2            
2019Solo 15, Ast. 5, FF 1  

Player Summary:

Tatum Bethune has a solid chiseled frame and is smaller in size for his slated position. He is a transfer from UCF who lines up across the 2nd level and occasionally at Edge. He has good initial quickness off the snap, propelling his read and react ability. In pass coverage, his fluid body movement helps in man coverage blanketing the back as well as maintaining good space in short routes. His solid foot quickness and COD allow him to keep good leverage when covering Tight Ends that he can jam as well. In zone, he uses his FBI to display a high awareness of exchanging receivers in his space, and solid athleticism to execute. Against downhill runners, his quick burst allows him to blow past the OL and disrupt plays immediately. He uses his explosiveness, and functional strength to combat linemen, stalemating them, or getting a push to close his gap, and will run through or around a blocking running back in pass protection. He is a solid bull rusher who sinks and explodes, using his speed, forceful UOH, and power to generate movement. He is a good tackler who brings down the carrier in space if needed and can blow up the block to allow the rally. He will struggle in zone coverage drops as he gets limited depth, often allowing passes above his head that could have been tipped, while he is sufficiently reacting to the ball in the air, in zone he struggles to place himself in position. Additionally, he often falls for misdirection, exposing his gap in pursuit, and hindering his zone run coverage ability. He is among the last to rally in horizontal chases with his adequate sideline-to-sideline pursuit. 

Scheme Fit:

ILB for a scheme that places him primarily on run coverage and allows him to guard RB’s out of the backfield when asked.

Power Statement:

Tatum is a solid, undersized player that will need some technical work in pursuit and will need to learn how to maximize his strengths, and cut down, or hide his flaws. He has a lot of potential and will find his way onto a practice squad to develop for year 2 or 3.

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