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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Tahj Washington, WR, USC

Tahj Washington is an explosive receiver and crafty route runner in USC’s offense. Hula Bowl scout Ryan Jaffe breaks down Washington as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Tahj Washington, #16
School (Code)University of Southern California (CASC)
Class YrRSSR
Height, Weight5096, 175
40 Yd Dash4.42
Honors/Captainship2022 All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention
Season Viewed (yr)2023
Games WatchedUTUN, COUN, WAUN
Scout Name / DateRyan Jaffe, 11/6/23

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

2023(CASC) 10 GP / 43 REC / 833 REC YDS / 6 REC TD / 1 CAR / 10 RUSH YDS
2022(CASC) 12 GP / 50 REC / 785 REC YDS / 6 REC TD
2021(CASC) 12 GP / 54 REC / 602 REC YDS / 1 REC TD
2020(TNMS) 11 GP / 43 REC / 743 REC YDS / 6 REC TD / 4 CAR / 11 RUSH YDS / 1 RUSH TD
2019(TNMS) 3 GP / 3 REC / 32 REC YDS

Player Summary:

rSr, starting at Slot WR for USC with blazing speed and quickness, possessing major big play ability and a major threat toward opposing defenses. Transferred from Memphis University after the 2020 season. He possesses elite AA, displaying very good burst/explosiveness, very good speed, COD, quickness, leaping ability, and twitch. He has average height and adequate weight, is mainly slim throughout his whole body, with minimal muscle and strength. In the passing game, Washington is as explosive as a WR can be. Coming off the LOS, he primarily lines up in the Slot, and has a very good release against any coverage, his exceptional burst and quick feet enable him to propel/drive off the LOS and quickly accelerate. He has the quickness and burst to run the entire route tree, along with the speed and quickness to stretch the field entirely, not slowing down his pace through the route. Displays good ability to create separation vs Man or Zone coverage. Displays good ball tracking skills as he can find the ball over his shoulder and stay in stride through the catch point. Solid hands, as he occasionally fights the catch, double catching the ball. Good contested catch ability as he fights through contact with good concentration to hold possession through the defender and through to the ground. Good catch radius as he has good body adjustment and positioning to contort his body in mid air. Very good in S/I/D passing game, as he displays good short area quickness in the short game, and good deep threat ability due to elite AA stretching the field. Good instincts and mental processing allow him to find space when the QB extends plays, as he can find open grass in Zone coverage and make himself open. Very good RAC as he displays very good quickness, COD, speed, and vision, enabling him to evade defenders and make them easily miss tackles. His poor strength makes it difficult to break tackles or even slip out of weak arm tackles. Poor in the run game as his poor strength makes him a liability to block. He displays very good competitive toughness as even though he is not very successful in blocking, he isn’t afraid to throw his head into contact.

Scheme Fit:

Heavy passing offense

Power Statement:

Extremely explosive Slot WR that should be utilized in a heavy passing offense where he runs the entire route tree stretching the whole field and putting NFL defenses on their heels.

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