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Is Jordan Love a Bust?

The Green Bay Packers may be forced to trade Aaron Rodgers next year if their plans are to keep Jordan Love as their future starter.
Is Jordan Love a Bust?

Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny the impressive track record that the Green Bay Packers have had throughout their history. One of the NFL’s most successful teams, the GBPs have won several super bowls, and have had quite an impressive career, through thick and thin. Which is why it makes it all the more devastating to see their quarterback underperforming on the field. 

Who is Jordan Love?

Jordan Love is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. They first chose him in the 2020 NFL Draft, and gave him a back-up position for Aaron Rodgers, who in his own right is one of the greatest quarterbacks in Green Bay Packer history. However, in 2023, the Packers decided it was time for a change, with Aaron Rodgers joining the New York Jets, it was time for Love to take center stage.

Whether it was the pressure of replacing someone like Rodgers, or simply a lack of experience, Jordan Love, according to most pundits and fans, has fumbled the bag. The player’s passer rating remains below 80 in the 7th week of the NFL. For context, at 79.4, Jordan Love has the fifth lowest passer rating in football history.

Even on Aaron Rodgers’ worst day, he did not go as low as 79.4. The lowest that the Packers’ former QB went is 91 in the mid-2010s. Even then, it caused quite a bit of fan outrage. You can imagine how most Packers fans feel about their favorite team’s quarterback reaching a passer rate of 79.4. 

Do the Packers Have a Chance?

A lot of people are now asking the question, do the Packers have a shot at the Super Bowl? A cursory glance at sports betting sites found at will tell you that their shots are slim. The Green Bay Packers currently stand at around +3000 odds to win the Super Bowl. For those who don’t know how odds work, this means that for a bet of $100, a bettor would earn $3000, if they called it right.

Sounds great, right? Well, the only problem is that this means that the Green Bay Packers are among the biggest underdogs in the current play offs. Their odds don’t look good, and many fans are pointing the finger at Jordan Love. However, is the Quarterback solely to blame?

Who to Blame?

Jordan Love’s performance has been, undeniably bad. However, that is nothing new. As early as 2021, sports commentators and Packers fans have been saying that Love simply does not have what it takes to replace or keep up with Rodgers. And if he can’t keep up with Rodgers, he certainly can’t keep up with other NFL quarterbacks. 

Which begs the question, why did the Packers name him as starting quarterback? Were they betting on his talents, or were they simply out of options? The blame here clearly falls on the Green Bay Packers’ management, who knew that Love could not compete with the big boys.

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