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2024 NFL Draft Diamonds: Cameron Wire, OT, Tulane

2024 NFL Draft Diamonds: Cameron Wire, OT, Tulane
Cameron Wire the standout offensive tackle from Tulane is a standout lineman formerly of LSU. This report was broken down by Hula Bowl Scout Bryan Ault.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Cameron Wire, #61
School (Code)Tulane University (LATU)
DOB, Class Yr2/23/2000, Redshirt Senior
Height, Weight6051, 298
40 Yd Dash5.15
Arm, Hand3448, 0958
Position/DepthOT / 1st
Season Viewed (yr)2023
Games WatchedMSUN, ALBI, ALSO
Scout Name / DateBryan Ault, 10/7/2023

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

20224 GP
20217 GP
20209 GP
20196 GP

Player Summary:

LT starter. Transfer from LSU. Great size and excellent frame. His thick upper and lower body, has room to grow in his legs and chest, with great arm length. Looks very athletic from the point of the film view. Would like to see in person to see his ankles. Average as both a run blocker and pass protector, largely due to hand use; if he improves use of his hands, his upside could be tremendous. As a run blocker, he is average. Can fire forward to the 2nd level and be a mauler when he wants to be. Can cover up defenders with his sheer mass. Good and effective when blocking nose-to-nose and generally plays with good leverage. The key issue is hand placement; struggles to latch onto second-level defenders and often takes poor angles to get there. Struggles to encircle defenders at the corner and will frequently let them cross his face and gain inside leverage. As a pass protector, he is average. Very good when he is able to play long and use his arm’s length to get an initial punch on pass-rushing DEs. Good at mirroring and has a good lateral shuffle when dropping back. Hand use again is the key issue; struggles to latch and neutralize defenders. Will lunge in his posture and bend at the waist instead of sinking his weight and sitting on a stool. Has a good chance if he improves his hand placement/technique.

Scheme Fit:


Power Statement:

If Cameron improves his hand use and latching ability, he could shoot up draft boards. He has plenty of upside with his size, length, and frame to be a draftable prospect.


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