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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Renardo Green, DB, Florida State

Renardo Green is a versatile, physical defender in Florida State's secondary. Hula Bowl scout Victor Horn breaks down Green as an NFL Prospect in his report.
Renardo Green is a versatile, physical defender in Florida State’s secondary. Hula Bowl scout Victor Horn breaks down Green as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data 

Name, Jersey #Renardo Green, #8
School (Code)FLST
Class YrRSR ‘24
Height, Weight5116,186
40 Yd Dash4.54e
Season Viewed (yr)2022
Games WatchedFLUN, SCCL, FLMI
Scout Name / DateVictor Horn

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First) 

2022TOT 58 SOLO 42 AST 16 PD 5
2021TOT 14  SOLO 4 AST 10 PD 5 PD 1
2020TOT 27  SOLO 18 AST 9 FF 1 PD 1
2019TOT 6 SOLO 5 AST 1 PD 2

Player Summary:

An experienced player playing in the secondary in multiple positions. Green plays DS, R and L CB, and Slot CB for the FLST defense. A returning starter who started 95% of the games last year at the CB position. Can be seen as a reliable DB, has close to average size and height of an NFL defensive back with a muscular toned frame and long arms. He is physical, aggressive, and competitive especially at CB playing up to those characteristics at an average level consistently. Displays an in-your-face style defensive technique at the CB position in man coverage with discipline, not as fluid regarding turning hips and running with WR during the development of route has tendency to shield and wall the WR instead. Hands are usually on side instead in front ready to punch WR coming off the LOS in man coverage slowing him down, as a result he has to work harder running in the hip of WR and climbing on top of the route. Displays adequate mirror technique with decent reaction feet recovery which comes from confidence and being a competitor more so than sound technique. Gait is not as open when running with WR which causes at times Green being too physical during the play leaving it a 50/50 chance of a penalty. In zone coverage, he displays good alignment and deceptively shows the WR if in man or zone. Takes proper steps when reaching the zone depth. Maintains ground when blocked by a WR seeks to engage instead of eluding the block. A solid form tackler in the open field with good leverage especially coming downhill on a play at S. Takes proper angles when pursuing the ball carrier in open field using the sideline as a helpful defender to stop the ball carrier. 

Scheme Fit:


Power Statement:

Not a speedy, quick twitch CB his mechanics and technique are not as fluid at the position but is adequate in being effective at the position based on effort, talent, and will. Appears more comfortable at DS than CB.


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