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If a team in need of a QB jumps the Colts should they make a huge offer for Lamar Jackson?

Former Baltimore Ravens SB Champion says the Ravens played Lamar Jackson
If a team in need of a QB jumps the Colts should they make a huge offer for Lamar Jackson?

The Indianapolis Colts are sitting at number four in the NFL Draft and many think that they will select a quarterback, but that could change if the Cardinals trade out of three.

The Cardinals have been rumored to talking to teams like the Tennessee Titans and if that happens the Colts would be settling for the fourth quarterback in the draft.

The Colts need a quarterback bad and at this point can they just sit there and not select the highest QB on their board?

If a team does in fact trade up ahead of the Colts, the Colts could be forced to make a deal for Lamar Jackson. Think about it, why are they not doing this already? I am so damn lost, I think Lamar Jackson is so much better than the quarterbacks in this draft and he has experience.

There are rumors the Colts like Will Levis, but the Raiders sit at 7 and if they jump up to 3 they could take Levis. Levis is in Las Vegas today for a top 30 visit. After a great pro day the Raiders could have big interest in the Kentucky gun slinger.

I mean the Ravens could be in a sticky situation as well. Lamar came out last week saying he demanded a trade last month from the team. He wants to be on a team that will use him.

Jackson is a 26-year-old former MVP, who has won nearly 75 percent of his starts and is one of the more electric athletes in the NFL’s history.

There are not many teams that could use him at this point. Many have said that they will focus on a rookie, and even Jim Irsay made a comment to that nature.

“I look at this as a great opportunity,” Colts owner Jim Irsay said, via The Athletic. “Because if you have a rookie quarterback, you’re going to have a chance for those years to really have extra dollars to make your team better.”

At this point, no one knows what is going to happen. The Cardinals hold the key to the car I think, if they trade out of three and a team that is in need of a quarterback jumps up, things could start to heat up for number 8.


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