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Potential Trade Candidates for the Arizona Cardinals third overall pick

Potential Trade Candidates for the Arizona Cardinals third overall pick
Potential Trade Candidates for the Arizona Cardinals third overall pick

With many teams still needing a quarterback, the Arizona Cardinals could get some good offers for the third overall pick.

After the Panthers traded up to the number one overall pick, eyes are now on the Arizona Cardinals and the third overall pick.

It seems pretty set in stone that the top two selections will be quarterbacks with the Panthers and Texans now sitting at one and two.  In a class with four good quarterback prospects in Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Anthony Richardson, and Will Levis, the Cardinals’ third overall pick still holds a lot of weight as teams will need to be aggressive in securing a quarterback.

On a team that is entering a rebuilding phase and a roster with a lot of needs it makes sense for them to move down and collect more picks if they get a reasonable offer for the pick.

Teams that could potentially trade up

Indianapolis Colts (4th Ovr)

The Colts are one of the most obvious quarterback needy teams in this draft and it seems pretty likely that they’ll come out of the first round with a quarterback.

Trading up just one spot with a non-quarterback needy team may sound pointless for the Colts, but it may be necessary in order for them to prevent other teams from jumping ahead of them.

In theory, the Colts could stand pat at fourth overall and still get one of the top four quarterbacks, however they may not like all four quarterbacks.  They may be in a situation where they need to move up to secure their guy.

Seattle Seahawks (5th Ovr)

The Seahawks recently signed Geno Smith to a three year deal, but that doesn’t rule them out of the quarterback sweepstakes.  If they like one of the quarterbacks enough it would not be a surprise to see them make a move to secure them.  

Having a good quarterback on a rookie deal is so valuable in the NFL today that if you’re in position to potentially secure you have to strongly consider it.

Detroit Lions (6th Ovr)

Jared Goff played well for the Lions last season and while he’s still very likely to be the starter next season the Lions have to look to the future.  Goff has shown in the past that while he’s a solid quarterback, he’s just not quite good enough to win a Super Bowl with.

Thus, the Lions are in position to potentially come away with a quarterback from this year’s class and let them sit for a year behind Goff.

Las Vegas Raiders (7th Ovr)

Similar to the last two teams I listed, the Raiders have a short-term solution at quarterback, but not necessarily a long-term solution.  After bringing in Jimmy Garoppolo this offseason, the Raiders no longer have a desperate need at quarterback, but I still wouldn’t rule one out for them in this draft.

Garoppolo will likely be the starter next season, but just like with the Seahawks and Lions that doesn’t mean they won’t attempt a move to secure a quarterback for the future.

Atlanta Falcons (8th Ovr)

The Falcons took Desmond Ridder in the third round last season, but considering how long it took them to bench Marcus Mariota in favor of him this season it’s unlikely that they view him as super likely to be a long-term solution at the position.

Moving from eight to three wouldn’t be super costly, so it’s a move that could make a lot of sense for them.

Tennessee Titans (11th Ovr)

The Titans are a roster that simply aren’t good enough to contend anymore.  They appear to be headed towards a rebuild, so why not kick that off with an aggressive move for a young quarterback?

Washington Commanders (16th Ovr)

Last year’s fifth round pick Sam Howell played well in last year’s season finale against the Cowboys, but they can bring in much more promising options at quarterback in this draft.

Trading from 16th overall into the top three may be pricey but with a roster that is a good quarterback away from being contenders in the NFC, it feels like a worthwhile gamble.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19th Ovr)

The Buccaneers are in a tough spot as they are currently heading into the season with a quarterback room of Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask, neither of which are short or long term solutions.

Trading up all the way to third overall may seem risky, but the Buccaneers may be desperate enough for a quarterback to make a move like this.


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